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Shengmilo S600 2000W Dual Motor Electric Bike

Shengmilo S600 2000W Dual Motor Electric Bike

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Shengmilo S600 2000W Dual Motor Electric Bike

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Shengmilo S600 combines the new battery technology with SAMSUNG high performance battery cells, this 840Wh battery efficiently improves the range, stability, and safety of Shengmilo bikes. A single charge can last up to 40~50 KM on throttle mode and over 90KM with pedal assist mode. More than 1500 charging cycles, Battery capacity is not less than 90% after 8 months, not less than 80% after 18 months.

extreme sports

Mechanical disc brakes offer superior braking performance and control for Shengmilo S600 2000W electric bicycles. With smooth modulation and precise stopping power, these brakes inspire confidence in riders. They maintain consistent performance in challenging conditions, ensuring safety. Easy installation and adjustment make them accessible for upgrades or replacements. Overall, the mechanical disc brakes enhance braking efficiency, safety, and the riding experience for Shengmilo S600 dual motor e-bike owners.


Shengmilo S600’s motor uses1000w powerful motor!The top speed25KM/H (15.5MPH), the speed can be cunlock. The motor is the heart of the electric bicycle and the most critical component of the electric bicycle. It's performance affects the power, speed, endurance and wading ability. 40° motorclimbing capabilityThe motor's maximumtorqueis an astounding2×80 N·m, and itswaterproof levelhas reachedIP64.


What the S600 is proud of is that it uses the famous DNM brand rear shock absorber and a double-shoulder front fork with excellent shock absorption. Shengmilo S600 full suspension e-bike offer a comfortable ride, improved control on different terrains, versatility for various activities, enhanced safety with reduced impact, and better performance with electric assistance.

New Fashionable Lifestyle

Shengmilo was born under the call of a group of bicycle enthusiasts. Their strong desire for a better cycling experience unites them with a cycling community of different ages, industries, or backgrounds. Their shared love for bicycles gradually shaped Shengmilo.
Shengmilo is committed to creating a new generation of green technology tourism lifestyle.


S600 Uses The Yolin Brand Color Display. Which Shows The Total Mileage, Battery Level, Speed, And 1~5 Speed Level Display. The Display Screen Is Equipped With Three Buttons, Which Are Installed Next To The Left-Hand Grip To Control The Electric Mode And Power Assist Mode, And Control The Light On And Off.


The Rear Rack Is Made Of Thickened Metal Material, Specially Tailored To Match The MX05 Frame, Which Can Be Easily Qualified For Carrying People Or Goods And Delivering Food.


Crafted From Premium-Grade Aluminum Alloy, This Shoulder Fork Boasts Exceptional Strength And Durability. With Its Lightweight Design, You'll Enjoy Greater Maneuverability And Control Without Sacrificing Performance Or Reliability.


The Suspension Shock Absorber Can Effectively Reduce Vibration In A Rough Environment While Enhancing Ride Comfort.


The 26 Inch Mountain Fat Tires Provide Better Grip And Traction On The Toughest Terrain. The Biggest Fun Is To Ride On The Beach Or Snow, Mountain Roads, It Will Also Leave A Good Impression.


The Aluminum Alloy Crankset With CNC One-Piece Molding Process Provides Excellent Power Transmission Efficiency. Robust, Lightweight, Durable, High Axial Strength And Compatibility.


Shimano 7 Speed Transmission System, Excellent Transmission Performance To Ensure A Safe And Stable Ride. You Can Switch To A Larger Gear When Going Uphill And A Smaller Gear When Driving At High Speed. Combined With The Pedal Assist System, You Can Adjust The Appropriate Speed To Complete Your Journey.


The MX05 Is Equipped With Motorcycle High - Brightness Headlights. Improve The Visibility And Aesthetics Of Your Bike To Ensure You Stay Safe While Riding At Night. The Horn Is Integrated Inside The Headlight, Which Makes The Bicycle More Simple And Fashionable.


This Saddle Has A Comfortable And Ergonomic Design Designed For Stress Relief. Let You Enjoy A Healthy And Happy Long Distance Cycling!


Front And Rear Wheels Are Equipped With Taiwan Zoom Brand Disc Brakes. The Brake System Has The Function Of Cutting Off The Motor Power, When You Hold The Brake Lever, The Motor Will Stop The Output Power, So As To Achieve Fast And Stable Braking Effect, But Also To Extend The Life Of The Brake Pad, To Ensure Your Riding Safety.


Designed for maximum hand comfort and a secure grip, the ergonomic bike handles are ideal for extended rides. They minimize hand fatigue, provide enhanced control, and elevate the overall cycling experience, particularly during long journeys.


Half-Twist Throttle Designed To Prevent Injuries Caused By Accidental Start



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Dmytro Tsukanov


David Lempochner

great bike, I'm just surprised that it comes without a rear light for this money

Gary Morris
Parts missing

No back light, and no box part that's showing on the top cross frame.

philip O Sullivan
Satisfied customer

Excellent service ,always replied to and responded to my request on emails, great product

SIr by mistake you gave us 1 star

Michael Gallagher

Good service, happy with the bike